Do you have a Long Racing Engine in your car, or machine work by L.R.E.?  Feel free to e-mail us pictures of your car and engine with info regarding the car, engine and accomplishments.  We might just post it on our website!  Thanks!


Pump gas engine bulit by Long Racing Engines. 739 HP @6300, 709 LBS TQ @ 4800. 10.5 to 1 compression, Dart 310 unported heads, LRE custom hyd. roller cam. TQ was over 680 @ start of pull (3400 rpm).


L.R.E. SBC road race engine made 700 HP @ 7300. 18 Degree GM heads, stock block (4.040), 3.480 stroke. Fairly mild cam designed for broad torque range.

Both Camaros are powered by Long Racing Engine Small Block Chevys.

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