Long Racing Engines offers complete machine shop services, engine assembly, engine testing and analysis.  All work is done in house using only the most modern machines and advanced techniques available.  Call today and allow L.R.E. to exceed your expectations for machine shop services.

Block Services

Head Services

- Bore Block

- Hone Block

- Torque Plate Hone Block

- Lifter Bore Repair

- Bore for Oversive Lifters

- O-Ring Block

- Line Bore

- Line Hone

- Mill Block

- Install .937 / 1.062 Keyway Lifters

- Magnaflux

- Complete Valve Jobs

- Guide Repair

- Seats Repair

- Mill Heads

- Angle Mill Heads

- O-Ring Heads

- Receive Groove Heads

- Head Porting

- Aluminum Head Repair

Crankshaft Services

Engine Assembly

- Performance Crank Grinding w/ Radius

- Crank Polishing

- Keyway Install

- Balance Assembly

- Heavy Metal Install

- Counter Weight Cutting

- Magnaflux

- Intake to Pan Assembly

- Check Valve Clearance

- Check Radial Valve Clearance

- Check Push Rod Length

- Rod and Main Bearing Clearance

Engine Testing and Analysis


- All Engine Testing is Done In House

- Superflow 901 Engine Dyno

- Camshaft Doctor

- Superflow 1020 Flow Bench

- Gas Port Piston Vertical or Horizontal

- Flycut Pistons

- Rod Reconditioning

- Flywheel Resurfacing

L.R.E. is set up to do almost everything in the high performance industry, which is far to much to list.  If the service you need is not listed, please call and ask about it.  We are here to help.


Long Racing Engines carries only the highest quality racing components available.  Because of the vast quantity of engine component manufactures, we only list the main engine pieces you may need.  Call for any small parts or if there is something you need that is not listed below.  Click on the MANUFACTURER INDEX links below for more information.



Dart and World Products engine blocks are both available through Long Racing Engines.

L.R.E. uses Dart, Brodix and Racing Head Services cylinder heads.



Cranks are available from Eagle, Lunati and Callies.

Long Racing Engines uses JE/SRP, Ross and Mahle pistons.



L.R.E. sales Eagle, Lunati, Carrillo, and Manley steel rods.  Aluminum rods are available through GRP.

L.R.E. carries a large variety of speed parts for all of your racing needs.  See the manufacturers list below.

Manufacturers Index

We accept the following:

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